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Prominent Businessmen of Paterson

Robert Bell was an artist who created a series of pen and ink portraits of North Jersey’s prominent Jewish businessmen and community leaders in 1927. The following pen and ink portraits are from the JHSNJ archives.

Caricatures of Prominent Businessmen from Patterson
Ink drawing of Nathan Barnert

Nathan Barnert

"Paterson's Grand Old Man"

Minor, silk manufacturer, twice mayor of Paterson, NJ, who donated his entire salary to charities, The City’s Greatest Philanthropist, Namesake and Donor of Barnert Hebrew Free School of Paterson, Barnert Memorial Hospital, Barnert Memorial Temple, Daughters of Miriam Home for Orphans, and Barnert Nurses Home, to name but a few.


Drawing of Nathaniel Stark

Nathaniel Stark

Auto Dealer

Ink drawing of Albert Shulman 1927

Albert M. Shulman


Ink drawing of David Stern

David Stern

Tire Dealership -  founded Dave Stern Tires in Paterson in1917 – Captain Jack Stern, (1900-1970), U.S. Army Air Corps, Paterson giant. This amazing man was a founder of “Dave Stern Tires” in Paterson, once one of the largest independent tire dealers in the U.S. In his spare time, among other things, he was president of the YM/YWHA; President of Barnert Hospital; Police & Fire Commissioner of Paterson; UJA Chairman; President of the Jewish Community Center; Campaign Chairman of the Cancer Campaign; General Vice-Chairman of the Red Cross War Fund Drive; appointee of the Governor to the N.J. to the N.J. Commission on Civil Rights; and member of the Alhtaha Council, Boy Scouts of America and the list goes on and on……….


E. Robert Coven

Attorney – also a banker, and real estate developer; president of Bankers, Ltd, Bankers Title and Abstract Co., and Bankers Agency of Paterson; a founder and organizer of the Fair Lawn-Radburn Trust Co.  He was affiliated with several other businesses and instrumental in the development and construction of the Elmwood Park Apartments and Shopping Plaza.

Ink drawing of E. Robert Coven
Ink drawing of Emanuel Shavick 1927

Emanuel Shavick


Ink drawing of Filbert Rosenstein 1927

Filbert Rosenstein


Ink drawing of Norman Brussels

Norman Brussels

Real Estate – He was born in Passaic and graduated from NYU Medical School.  He was in the real estate business for many years in Paterson and died in 1978.

Jacob Katz

Silk Manufacturer and head of the Columbia Silk Company of Paterson – Served as President of Barnert Memorial Hospital for 11 years; served as Treasurer and on the Board of Directors of the Paterson YM/YWHA; he was active in the Daughters of Miriam Home in Clifton; served as trustee of the Shapiro Foundation; was a Mason and Shriner; a founder of Preakness Hills Country Club; and was active in charitable and civic affairs, most of his life.  He was born in Poland and settled in Paterson upon his arrival in 1904.  Later in life he left the silk business and entered a life of real estate ownership in New Jersey and New York. He died in 1957


Ink drawing of Jacob Katz
Ink drawing of Benjamin Spitz

Benjamin Spitz


Ink drawing of Alexander Moskowitz

Alexander Moskowitz


Ink drawing of Harry Klotz

Harry Klotz

Manufacturer – an early 20th century “silk manufacturer” in Paterson, who on June 3, 1919, during the 2nd nationwide wave of local terroristic bombings, with prominent politicians and businessmen, being the victims, was among the targets. He was President of Klotz Silk, Co., a great supporter of Barnert Memorial Hospital, a Mason and an Elk, a NJ Motor Vehicle Inspector, a golfer, and a chess player.

Ink drawing of Harry B. Haines

Harry B. Haines

Publisher, Paterson Evening News

Ink drawing of Henry Ettleson

Henry Ettleson


Ink drawing of Dr. Max Imhoff

Dr. Max Imhoff

Silk Business – Born in Basle, Switzerland, and a graduate of the University of Zurich in 1905, Dr. Imhoff migrated to New Jersey and became a leader in the silk industry, and a member of Imhoff-Paoillard Dyeing Firm.  He also invented the Weight Process, that became a standard in that industry.

Harry Hecht

Was an Austrian born theater operator who first opened the Palace Theater in 1918 in Passaic.  Following a fire, Hecht hired Abram Preiskel to design and build a new 2200-seat Palace Theater completed in 1922. Meanwhile, he also hired Preiskel to design and construct the beautiful 642-seat Rivoli Theater in Rutherford. That site, after going through several changes in venues and ownership still exists as the William Center. He died in 1951. 

Ink drawing of Harry Hecht
Ink drawing of Jacob Fabian

Jacob Fabian

Theatre Owner

Ink drawing of George Gold

George Gold


Ink drawing of Abram Preiskel

Abram Preiskel

Architect – see “Harry Hecht” He was also of the Samuel Harris owned Capital Theater as well as the Montauk Theaters in Passaic. During the 1930s he became a co-owner of the Capital Theater with Harry Hecht