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Photo Friday Friday, 04/21/2023

Large Groups

The JHSNJ has many large group photos of a variety of organizations and functions. Below is a sampling of some of our archived photos. Can you help us identify these folks? 

Banquet of 4 Minutemen, Hotel Berwick, Newark, Oct 15, 1924
Banquet of 4 Minutemen at Hotel Berwick, Newark, NJ, Oct 15,1924
Minna Kempner, Rosa Cohen, _ Kronberg, Sophie Abers, Rose Chanin, Sara Stanley, Anna Levenberg, Frances Brahms, Rita Coyne, Helen Finkle, Pauline Pigula, Lenore Kive, Cele Feldman, Helen Warsch, Yetta Goldman, Marilyn Saunders, Mae Weiner, Jennie Sall, Jule Brickman, Mildred Rabins
NJ Jewish War Veterans Women's Auxiliary delegates to National Convention held in St Paul, MN, Oct 15, 1947. See caption for identifications.
Royal Lyceum 25th Anniversary, Dec 6, 1914
Royal Lyceum 25th Anniversary, Dec 6,1914.
Paterson Temple Emanuel, men's group, Paterson NJ
Paterson Temple Emanuel group of distinguished men.
YM-YWHA Lindy's International Club, 1930-1931
YM-YWHA Lindy's International Club, 1930-31.