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Photo Friday Friday, 05/19/2023

Freedom for Soviet Jewry Movements

From the mid-1960s until the early 1990s, there was a worldwide effort to obtain freedom for Jews in the Soviet Union to both practice their religion without state persecution or discrimination, or to emigrate to Israel, the United States or elsewhere to pursue lives of their own choosing. To bring world awareness of the Soviet Jewry’s plight, Jewish organizations sponsored rallies, fund raisers, and protest marches and petitioned governments to take legislative action. Below are photos from our archives showing our local communities’ participation.

Camp Veritans, Paterson City Hall, Mayor Lawrence (Pat) Kramer
Solidarity with Soviet Jews rally to free imprisoned Soviet dissident Anatoly (Nathan) Shiransky held by Camp Veritans kids at Paterson City Hall. Mayor Lawrence (Pat) Kramer is seated and hatless. Can you help us identify these folks and the date?
Jerry Goodman, Stan Kaplan, Phil Sarna
National Conference on Soviet Jewry members from L-r: Jerry Goodman, National Conference Director; Stan Kaplan, Chairman of JFNJ; Phil Sarna; (?); (?). Date and location unknown.
Sig Silber, Alan Geller
Sig Silber on the left and Alan Geller on the right of a poster of imprisoned Jewish dissident Iosif Mendelwich.
Elmwood Park, April 2, 1981, Barnert Temple
Elmwood Park Jewish youth at April 2, 1981 Barnert Temple Soviet Jewry rally, Can you help us identify these youths?
Barnert Temple, Paterson, NJ, April 2, 1981
Larry Friedman talking on the phone to his wife in Russia as Rabbi Martin Freedman looks on. Photo taken at Barnert Temple, Paterson, NJ, April 2, 1981.
Soviet Jewry rally, April 2, 1981, Barnert Temple, Paterson, NJ
Rimma Shoshanskaya and her son play their violins at the April 2, 1981 Barnert Temple Soviet Jewry rally.