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Photo Friday Friday, 12/22/2023

Daughters of Miriam Beginning - December 22, 2023

Daughters of Miriam Beginning

The Daughters of Miriam Center has been serving the seniors of northern New Jersey for over 90 years.  Yet, the imposing buildings that have stood for decades at 155 Hazel Street in Clifton have their roots in the communities of Paterson and Passaic.  Daughters of Miriam began in 1913 with a group of women of the Malbish Arumin Society recognizing the need for a shelter for both orphans and the aged. They persuaded Nathan Barnert to purchase the grounds at 469 River Street in Paterson, known as the Ashley Homestead. On November 1, 1920, Mr. Barnert deeded the property to Daughters of Miriam in memory of his wife, Miriam Barnert.  As time passed, it became evident that larger quarters for the children and aged were needed. Public funds were raised and on May 17, 1923, the 43-acre Bannigan Estate, located on Hazel Road in Clifton, was purchased. Groundbreaking started on March 19, 1926, and the official opening was January 30, 1927. Through the years the Daughters of Miriam expanded and reorganized their facilities to focus on the care of the aged. Today it is the “Home and Infirmary for the Aged." Below are photos of the early facility structures.

The Ashley Homestead
Daughters of Miriam "Ashley Homestead," 469 River Street, Paterson, NJ. This was the first Daughters of Miriam home for the aged and orphans that opened May 17, 1921.
Lawn of 155 Hazel Street Clifton
View of the lawn at the building at 155 Hazel Street.
The new Daughters of Miriam building 1926
The new Daughters of Miriam building at 155 Hazel Street, built in 1926.
Bnai Israel Home Passaic
The B'nai Israel Home on President Street in Passaic which merged with the Daughters of Miriam in 1957.
Daughters of Miriam First addition 1944-1948
The Daughters of Miriam First addition 1944-1948