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Photo Friday Friday, 05/05/2023

Alpha Phi Pi - Beta Chapter

This week we are featuring archived photos of Paterson High School Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Pi Fraternity. Alpha Phi Pi was a Jewish high school fraternity founded by twelve New York City high school students on January 19, 1920. By 1932, it had grown to include 1,064 members across the country, produced a monthly publication, The Triangle, and hosted annual conventions. According to a newsletter from 1950, membership was later no longer confined to high school students and consisted of young Jewish men between the ages of 18 and 28. Alumni chapters abounded, as well.

Names written on photo
Alpha Phi Pi Fraternity delegates to NJ conference, date unknown. If you look closely, or enlarge the photo, you may be able to read the scripted names.
Alpha Phi Pi Fraternity Tau Chapter, large group phot
Alpha Phi Pi Fraternity Tau Chapter function (maybe a prom). Please enlarge and I.D. some attendees.
Sid Krawitz, Jess Wiener, Jonas Vilanch, Herman Kasse, Ralph Gitkin, Irwin Dresner, Bernie Fishgrund, Dave Brezin, Edward Saltzman, Cy Wolf (wrote AOPi song), Dr. Aaron Markowitz, Dr. Meyer Mackler, Herman Edelson, Oscar Barnett, Jack Susman, Sam Echhaus, Max Potash, Danny Gitkin, Irv Kobre
Alpha Phi Pi Fraternity 30th Anniversary Dinner, September 1950 at the Alexander Hamilton Hotel, Paterson, NJ. See identification legend below photo.
Jerry Nathans
Alpha Phi Pi fraternity reunion, date unknown. Jerry Nathans standing in the rear.
"Boys of the Alpha Phi Pi," by Cy Wolf
Sheet music of the Alpha Phi Pi Fraternity song, “Boys of the Alpha Phi Pi”.